The Florida Chamber Orchestra is extremely grateful for your financial support and the support it receives from an
ever-increasing number of individuals who together make up the Friends of FCO.

Many “Friends” find that the principal benefit for them is the satisfaction of knowing that they are involved in making a lasting contribution to the work of a chamber orchestra while significantly enhancing the cultural life of South Florida.

We would like to thank the many friends who have already joined:

Miguel and Natalie Sante

Zelde and Paul Malevitz

Armando and Haydee Navarro

Raul and Alicia Rodriguez

Dr. Angel Carrasco

Maria Pena

Rodolfo and Ada Suarez

Miguel Jr. and Anna Zaldivar

Luis Allen

Dania Montes

Nidia Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez

Felipe Nogueira

Dr.  Humldez

Richard Liberty

Emilio Calzado

Mary Ventura

Rubi de Leon

Susana de la Peña

Ashley Santiago

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